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Okra Picks: The Booksellers' Guide
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okra picks logoThe Okra Picks are a dozen and a half fresh titles chosen each season that SIBA Indie Bookstores want to handsell. These books are be southern in nature but can cover any genre, not just fiction.  Southerners love their writers, and we want to be at the forefront of bringing them a strong selection of southern titles not to be missed each season. Modeled on the popular "Indie Next" lists but with a distinctive Southern flavor, SIBA's Okra Picks brings a harvest of good southern reading to your customers. Okra Picks are chosen by SIBA booksellers. Books are promoted on SIBA's consumer web site— Authors Round the South and in the Lady Banks' Commonplace newsletter, and noted on the Southern Indie Bestseller List, as well as regularly promoted across our social networks.

The Okra Picks program demonstrates the important role of independent booksellers in creating early buzz for a book, and creating the momentum that can make a book a success. They are an early spotlight on books that are likely to "go national." On any given week an Okra Pick title can be found on the Southern Independent Bestseller List, and they show up at the end of the year when "Best of the Year" lists start to be published. They go on to be popular gifts during the holidays, and book club picks when they are released in paperback.

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Okra Picks Bookmarks

In-store promotion is a significant part of the success of the Okra Picks. SIBA distributes high quality, full-color printed bookmarks for certain Okra Pick titles each season. The bookmarks feature the title, author, and book jacket of the Okra pick, and have a QR code your customers can use to download the first chapter of the book.

Important links:

Nomination Form | Sales Report | Current Okras | Okra Picks Archive 

FAQs and Calendar

okra picks summer 2019

  1. What books are eligible?
    Books must be set in the South, or by a Southern author, or both. Okra Picks targets forthcoming books that are receiving early buzz,
    so nominations must be for titles pubbing within the period of each Okra season.

  2. Are self published books eligible?
    If they meet the above criteria and can be ordered at industry standard terms.

  3. Who can nominate books?
    Only SIBA Member Booksellers can nominate books. Nominations can be emailed to: or, you can use our new nomination form 

  4. How can I nominate a book that hasn't been published yet?
    Keep an eye on your inbox! SIBA sends out regular "Galleys &
    Giveaways" email alerts with off ers of review copies of forthcoming books.

  5. Why aren't there bookmarks printed for each Okra Pick title?
    Publishers have to request bookmarks be made for their Okra Pick title.
B3! Actions and Points
  • Nominate a book -- 2 points.
  • Report your Okra Picks sales (must sell 10 or more books total) --50 B3! points.
  • Post photos of your in-store displays of Okra Picks titles to Facebook and tag SIBA at facebook.
    com/ReaderMeetWriter, -- 25 B3! points.
  • Use the #okrapicks hashtag on your social media accounts -- 2 points.
Current Okra Picks

Cover images: Download

Logos & Graphics

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Okra Picks

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Peer Brain Trust- Links, documents, marketing and publisher resources related to the Okra Picks.
Item Name Posted By Date Posted
2019 Summer Okra Picks Flyer Link Administration 8/1/2019
Bookmark: The Last List of Miss Judith Kratt Link Administration 8/1/2019
Bookmark: The Yellow House Link Administration 8/1/2019
Mark Your Calendar Link Administration 8/1/2019
Okra logo slit cards PDF (599.71 KB)  more ] Administration 7/2/2015
Okra Pick Shelf Talker PDF (783.51 KB)  more ] Administration 7/1/2015
Okra Picks Logo JPG (46.28 KB) Administration 4/15/2014
Okra Picks Logo Round (low res) PNG (47.61 KB) Administration 2/23/2016
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