Firstname Lastname | Cell: 000.000.0000 | email:

Firstname Lastname | Cell: 000.000.0000 | email:

Firstname Lastname | Cell: 000.000.0000 | email:

Staff contact list, roster, flight and travel info, hotel stay and coverage

Staff job descriptions

Hotel personnel contact info

Other onsite personnel contact info: bus company, local bookstores, onsite shipping contact, etc.

Signed Staff Agreements

Rooming List for Master Account to include board, staff, and scholarship recipients, Legacy Award, Scavenger Hunt, Bibb Pick, and app winner (Fiction Addiction)

hotel, insurance, AV, transportation, shipping, special services (videographer, etc)

pick-up report from hotel listing everyone checked in

useful checklists and copies of forms used every year (staff form, video release form, dues forms, registration forms, bibb pick form and ballot)

Master copies of letters used every year (author welcome and instructions/tip sheet, moderator tip sheet, call for authors, sponsorship thank you, emcee instructions)

Minutes of the previous annual meeting

checklists - oversized checks for Legacy Award Winner

sponsors list / scholarship recipients

sponsors list / scholarship recipients

checklist for items needed at the show

AV we own and AV we need to rent and/or purchase

copies of important correspondence for current show: author confirmation, sponsorship confirmations, correspondence with moderators and other people in the program

moderator and panelists lists, moderators checklist, panelists checklist

green room checklist

Hotel/meeting spcae map

Schedule by time, including room assignments, set up, AV, moderator/emcee contact info, special instructions.

tracking gurantees for food events, reserved rounds at meals

Show floor map

exhibitor list alpha by company, with booth number

exhibitor list, by booth number, then company

exhibitor registration info, alpha by company

shipping information for distro

List by company then last name

List by last name, then by company

attendee registration info, by company