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The social side of SIBA
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The social side of SIBA |

SIBA recognized several years ago that one of the best ways it could help its members would be to actively reach out to readers—their customers—and promote our stores to their book clubs, libraries,, writing groups, coffee klatches, stitch-n-bitch sessions, etc.  And to actively reach out to publishers, authors, industry media and literary groups and organizations to let them know where our stores are and what they do. That mission was the reason behind the development of Authors Round the South (ARTS) and the Southern Traveling Authors Registration Service (STARS).  And it is the primary reason SIBA maintains an active and visible presence in the social networking sphere.

So what does SIBA do for stores through social networking?

  • We maintain both an industry-oriented (SIBA, Wanda Jewell) and consumer-oriented (ARTS, Lady Banks) presence in all the major social networking venues—Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, etc.
  • We tweet, retweet, and share literary news, events schedules and announcements. Everything posted to the ARTS calendar gets distributed to our fullest capacity.
  • We create, develop and maintain relationships with authors, publishers, and media  and forward information and news about our member stores to them.
  • We create, develop and maintains relationships with readers and people who love southern literature, and make sure they know about our member stores as a resource for great book recommendations.
  • We friend and follow all our members that we can find and pass along their news and announcements to our own collection of friends and followers.

If you aren’t doing so already, follow us at @SIndies and @ladybanks, or find us on Facebook (see the badges below).

And if we aren’t following you, then let us know! We currently track 50 Southern Indie Booksellers, but we know there are more of you than that! If you tweet and your store isn't listed in the box on the left, then we need to hear from you.

Also you should be following all your compatriots--you'll be amazed at all the good ideas you'll get. It's like a daily dose of creative inspiration!

SIBAmembers Water Coolers

Have a question that needs a fast answer? Want to catch up on industry gossip? Or maybe just rave a little bit about the book you are reading? The SIBA Water Coolers are the place to do all that and more. SIBA recognizes that one of the greatest resources the organization possesses is the accumulated knowledge and experience of its members.

SIBA’s ongoing discussion group, hosted by Google, is an online forum for booksellers and industry professionals to meet, exchange news and ideas. SIBA membership is not required to join in the conversations, but the group is carefully moderated to keep the discussions on topic and of interest to booksellers.

SIBA member-only discussion groups:

We now have a group specifically for SIBA Booksellers, which is only open to our core members. Share documents, visit the forum, email other group members, check the group calendar.


Find it online:!forum/sibamembers


The Social Side of SIBA

SIBA staff maintain both an industry-oriented (SIBA, Wanda Jewell) and consumer-oriented (ARTS, Lady Banks) presence in all the major social networking venues. SIBA actively promotes its members on important social networking forums like Twitter and Facebook, where they tweet, retweet, follow, forward, friend and share literary news, events schedules and announcements.

Find us on Twitter: @SIndies, @readermtwriter, @ladybanks
Find us on Facebook: SouthernIndependentBooksellersAlliance, ReaderMeetWriter, ladybanks

Earn 2 B3! points:
Use the following hashtags:
#sindies, #southernindie, #okrapick, #sibabookaward, #readermeetwriter, #siba, #ladybanks, #parapalooza, #gabbs, #ReadBuyGive

Or the following handles:
@ladybanks, @sindies, @readermtwriter, @readermeetwriter,
@southernindependentbooksellersalliance, @herladyshiptheeditor, @siba_books

Add a photo & double your 2 points to 4!

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