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Southern Traveling Authors Registration Service (STARS) for Bookstores
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Southern Traveling Authors Registration Service, The Southern Bookstore Directory, and the ARTS Calendar of Bookstore Events.

What do Karen White, Hester Bass, Irene Latham and Patti Callahan Henry all have in common? They are a few of the over 200 authors who have already signed up for the Southern Traveling Authors Registration Service (STARS), an author directory service managed by SIBA and geared specifically towards expanding their member bookstores’ audiences and customer base by encouraging authors and their readers to connect through independent bookstores.

FAQS | ARTS Calendar Entry Form

How does it work?

By listing on STARS, authors become part of an extensive directory of literary speakers whose profiles are included in a searchable database available to bookstores, libraries, book clubs, civic organizations and indeed anyone who is interested in finding a writer to speak at a program or event. All arrangements to contact an author for an event or reading are automatically funneled through SIBA via the closest available SIBA bookstore.

The Southern Bookstore Directory

All SIBA member bookstores are listed on our Bookstore Directory page. The listing is by state, and includes contact links for the store's website, email, and social network accounts (if we know them). Stores with active calendars are highlighted, as are stores that are participating in particular programs.

Authors receive SIBA benefits for linking to the Bookstore Directory page on their websites, so the page has ties to over a hundred authors, making it a common destination on the site. It is also the page we send to media interested in knowing who our members are, and how many independent bookstores there are in the South.

Find it online: All the SIBA Member Bookstores

The Calendar

The events calendar at STARS is one of the most actively accessed parts of the site. An average of a 130 bookstores list between 80-100 events every week, making is the most active event calendarSIBA booksellers can post their store events, which are collected in a searchable calendar, included in the Lady Banks newsletter, and shared on SIBA’s social networks, including author tags and hashtags. Listing events on the STARS calendar is one way SIBA works to increase the visibity of its member stores in their own community and within the book industry.

Find it online:



How do I enter events on the ARTS Calendar?

You can enter events using the form below. It will take up to 24 hours for each event to appear on the site calendar.

Do I have to enter each event separately?

The form below is for a single event entry. You can also upload your event list as a batch using the ARTS Calendar Event Spreadsheet, which can be emailed to Stores earn $.50 in B3! credit for each event submitted via the form or spreadsheet. 

Why are there already events listed for my store in the calendar? I haven't entered any!

SIBA elves like to spend their free time entering events on behalf of our member stores. They get event information from your store websites and newsletters. While we can't promise that all of your events will be added to the calendar, we make an effort to represent every store with an accessible and active events calendar.

Can I request an author for my store from the STARS Directory?

You can, by clicking on the "request this author" link on the author's profile. Requests are sent to SIBA, which then in turn forwards the relevant information to the author's publicity contact. So it may be just as effective to go through your own sales reps and publicity contacts, but if you don't have any, the STARS directory will pass along your request.

Store ideas:

STARS is meant to be a resource for your store. Make sure book clubs and civic groups interested in having authors come to speak know about the STARS Author Directory. And if you are looking to fill holes in your store's event calendar, check the site to see what authors are currently touring and might be amenable to fitting in an extra spot.



Event Entry Form Instructions:

The more information you provide, the more accurate and "shareable" your event listing will be. Events are shared in the Lady Banks newsletter and individually on Facebook and Twitter if appropriate. It takes about 24 hours for submitted events to appear on the ARTS Calendar, so plan accordingly. There is no option for repeat events, every event must be listed individually. You can also send in the ARTS Calendar Batch Event Entry worksheet below to

Event Title: -- not the book title, this is what you call your event in a press release. "Reading with Ron Rash" etc.

Event Location: If you event is held somewhere besides your store, enter that here: "At Pablo's Restuarant next door!"

Author First & Last Name: Do not try to enter multiple authors in this field. If you want to list more than one author, you will need to list the event multiple times, or choose a main author and list the rest in the description field.

Event Type: Select the type that most closely fits your event.

Description: This field will allow limited html formatting, but otherwise is just a short description of the event. If you provide links to ticket purchase sites, etc, be sure to include the full URL, starting with the "http..."

Event Details


ARTS Calendar

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Tools for entering events on the ARTS Calendar
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ARTS Event Entry Form (Single Event) Link Administration 11/22/2017
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