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B3! Building Better Booksellers
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Attention:  All B3! Reset on October 1 Annually


Southern Bookseller Participation earns points, and the more points accumulated, the greater the rewards. Members who are active enough can earn enough points to pay their dues, receive free meal tickets to the SIBA Discovery Show, and even free travel and hotel accommodations.

The goal of the program is to engage the Southern Bookselling Community and raise the visibility of Southern Indie Bookstores, and increase the value of investing in programs targeted towards Southern bookstores and their customers.

B3! Building Better Booksellers is made possible by the generous sponsorship of the Reba and Dave Williams Foundation for Literature and the Arts, which awarded SIBA a $40,000 grant at the beginning of 2015 in honor of SIBA’s 40th anniversary.

“SIBA wants to be on your mind year-round. Raise your profile with us. We’ll raise your profile with southern readers, and in the industry. And in turn, yall will raise SIBA’s profile in the industry. And the industry will be better for us all. Let’s get engaged in a way that tells the southern story like only we can tell it.”

—Wanda Jewell, Executive Director, SIBA

  1. Simplified Tracking: Every 500 points accrued equals an additional $50 in SIBA credit.
  2. Simplified Social Media tracking: Now, in order to earn points for social media activity you simply have to tag SIBA on relevant Facebook and Twitter posts that promote SIBA programs like the Southern Book Prize or Okra Picks:
    1. Twitter: @SIndies, @LadyBanks, @ReaderMtWriter
    2. FB: @ReaderMeetWriter, @SouthernIndependentBooksellersAlliance, @LadyBanks
    3. Useful hashtags: #okrapick, #southernbookprize, #siba17, #trio, #parapalooza, #southernindie, #readbuygive

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