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B3! Webinar: The Art of the Pitch: Handselling Books & Sidelines to Customers

Posted By Linda-Marie Barrett, Monday, October 1, 2018



B3! Webinar: The Art of the Pitch: Handselling Books & Sidelines to Customers

November 7 at 2PM, via Zoom!


Listening to customers, discerning their needs, and suggesting the best match is an art form that, when mastered, results in bigger and better sales. As we head into the biggest retail season of the year, what better time to listen to these veterans share their tips and tricks to profitably connect with your customers?


This webinar, for new booksellers learning the ropes, and veterans who seek a fresh look at handselling, offers tips and tricks from three experts: Toni Hetzel (sales representative at Penguin Random House), Caroline Green Christopoulus (gift and book buyer at Malaprop's Bookstore/Cafe), and Pete Mock (book buyer at McIntyre's Books). They’ll each present on a different aspect of hand selling/pitching, and take your questions during the second half of the webinar.


Toni (right) is a life-long reader starting with her school library and the library book mobile. She worked for 6 years for Chapter 11 Bookstores in Atlanta and has been a Random House sales rep for 18 years. She grew up in a small town in western North Carolina and currently lives in Decatur, GA with her husband, two kids, one dog, and three cats.


Caroline works at Malaprop’s Bookstore/Cafe, where she has been a bookseller for seventeen years and buyer for thirteen. She bought children's books for a number of years, and is now one of Malaprop's sidelines buyers and the consignment buyer. She and her husband live in Asheville and are proud foster parents. 


Pete calls them as he reads them. He came to McIntyre’s Books in 1995 and has developed a reputation for recommending lesser-known mystery authors and often-missed authors from other genres. He’s never short on opinions but is willing to back up what he has to say. Customers come in and call regularly to check on what he’s reading and make plans accordingly!


Please rsvp to reserve your spot in the webinar.

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Priya Parker on the Art of Gathering for Booksellers: a fresh look on how to approach author events, book clubs, staff meetings, and more.

Posted By Linda-Marie Barrett, Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Priya Parker on the Art of Gathering for Booksellers: a fresh look on how to approach author events, book clubs, staff meetings, and more. 

B3! Webinar with Priya Parker, author of "The Art of Gathering: How We Meet and Why It Matters"

Time: Wed, Oct 31 at 2pm via Zoom.


In The Art of Gathering, Priya Parker argues that we rely too much on routine and the conventions of gatherings when we should focus on distinctiveness and the people involved. At a time when coming together is more important than ever, Parker sets forth a human-centered approach to gathering that will help everyone create meaningful, memorable experiences, large and small, for work and for play.


Drawing on her expertise as a facilitator of high-powered gatherings around the world, Parker will discuss what works, what doesn't, and why. For booksellers hosting author events, book clubs, community gatherings, staff meetings, and more, this webinar offers an opportunity to hear from an expert, ask questions, and receive advice to enhance and improve this area of your business.


Please to attend.

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B3! Webinar: Partner with IngramSpark to Enhance Your Publishing and Marketing Services to Authors

Posted By Linda-Marie Barrett, Thursday, September 20, 2018

B3! Webinar: Partner with IngramSpark to Enhance Your Publishing and Marketing Services to Authors

On Wednesday, October 17 at 2pm SIBA hosts the B3! Webinar: Partner with IngramSpark to Enhance Your Publishing and Marketing Services to Authors. Josh Floyd and Kimberly Daniels Taws, with the addition of Jamille Christman, are reprising their presentation from the SIBA revival on July 20. Josh is with IngramSpark, and will give an overview of how bookstores are utilizing their services in various ways, including producing store-branded journals. Kimberly will share her work with local authors and the store's approach to publishing with IngramSpark. Jamille of Eagle Eye Books will discuss the success of consignment programs that are marketing specific, using IngramSpark materials.


Keebe Fitch of McIntyre's Books in Pittsboro, NC attended the revival and praised, "This revival session was jam-packed with good information. My coworker felt we picked up more in that short period that was useful to our store going forward than any other education we participated in this year." 


Sarah Goddin of Quail Ridge Books also attended and added, "Josh gave a really valuable presentation on using Ingram Spark for setting up a bookstore publishing program. Having Kimberly's first-hand experience with it made it even more useful. I couldn't scribble notes and ideas down fast enough."


Please rsvp to reserve your spot in the webinar.


About our presenters:


Josh Floyd promotes the growth, sales, and brand of the IngramSpark platform by providing education, information, and best practices for Ingram’s Publish-on-Demand services. Josh has been with Ingram for 7+ years first working as a Lightning Source Publisher Representative, then as an Ingram/IPS Independent Bookstore Representative, and is currently with IngramSpark as the Senior Key Account Sales Manager.













Kimberly Daniels Taws is excited to celebrate The Country Bookshop's 65th anniversary this year. She was born in Raleigh and after living in several other states returned to North Carolina in 2010 to take the helm of the beloved Southern Pines institution. She lives in Pinehurst with her husband and two sons age 17 and 2. Past president of the Southern Pines Business association and SIBA board member, she was is president elect of the SIBA board.













Jamille Christman is the Marketing and Event Coordinator for Eagle Eye Book Shop in Decatur Ga.  She created Eagle Eye's Consignment Program, focused on marketing and helping self-published authors learn how to market their book.  



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Getting Your Staff on Edelweiss: B3 Webinar with Jill Hendrix is now available to view

Posted By Nicki Leone, Wednesday, May 30, 2018


Getting Your Staff on EdelweissDid you know that SIBA member bookstores have submitted over 500 reviews of books on Edelweiss+ in the last three months? The option to post reviews to SIBA at the same time as they are sent to Indie Next and publishers has proved so convenient and effective that SIBA regularly receives 20+ reviews from booksellers every week. You see some of the highlights below. But from our perspective here at SIBA, having such enthusiastic feedback has been invaluable. When eight different booksellers post rave reviews of Tommy Orange's book, There There, that tells us it's going to be an important title for SIBA members!

But Edelweiss is not just a tool for requesting review copies and posting reviews. Stores use it to communicate with sales reps, create and track orders, gauge the general interest in forthcoming books, research selections for book clubs and community groups, identify potential future events, and inform their staff about forthcoming books.

Watch last month's B3 Webinar, "Getting Your Staff on Edelweiss" to hear Jill Hendrix, owner of Fiction Addiction in Greenville, SC, explain the many ways she uses Edelweiss in her store and encourages her staff to participate as well.

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Practice Your Pitch at Book Expo with Maribeth Pelly!

Posted By Linda-Marie Barrett, Monday, May 28, 2018
Updated: Saturday, May 26, 2018




Developing and maintaining an active, growing author event program is the key to success for most bookstores. One of the biggest challenges is getting your store on author tours, especially when you’re off the beaten trail, or in competition with a number of stores nearby. SIBA booksellers who attended our webinars with Maribeth Pelly-- How to Prepare a Press Kit for Your Store and How to Pitch Your Store to Publishers--are putting the final touches on their press kits and marketing efforts in advance of Book Expo, where they’ll attend publicist speed dating events, and meet publicists and reps at their booths and meeting rooms.

Want to practice your pitch before the meetings, or show your press kit to an expert? Maribeth Pelly will be at the ABA lounge on Wednesday (5/30) from 10-1145am, and 2-3pm to go over your pitches. We hope you’ll take advantage of this opportunity to check in, finesse your approach, and walk confidently into those meetings! You can email Maribeth in advance to schedule an appointment, or just show up during those times.

Maribeth Pelly is a marketing consultant who helps transform new and underperforming businesses. She’s also the event planner at her local independent bookstore, Booktowne.

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Bridging the Divide and the Open Discussion Project with Sarah Goddin and Chris Finan on Wed, 5/23 at 2PM!

Posted By Linda-Marie Barrett, Wednesday, May 16, 2018
Bridging the Divide and the Open Discussion Project with Sarah Goddin and Chris Finan on Wed, 5/23, at 2PM via Zoom!
Join Sarah Goddin of Quail Ridge Books as she discusses her store’s success with their “Bridging the Divide” book club. The club's goal is to foster dialog and better understanding between people with different political viewpoints and to provide a safe space for civil discourse on controversial or divisive topics. Chris Finan of The National Coalition Against Censorship will discuss The Open Discussion Project, which seeks to create a new kind of reading group that will bring people of opposing views into dialogue about the issues that divide us. Booksellers will have an opportunity to ask questions of Sarah and Chris, to explore how this programming could serve their stores and communities. Please RSVP to sign up to attend.

Sarah Goddin is general manager of Quail Ridge Books, a 9000 square foot store in Raleigh, NC. She has been a bookseller for 40 years, starting with Waldenbooks in 1978, then opening and running her own store, Wellington's Books, in Cary, for 10 years, finally landing at Quail Ridge Books in 1996. Sarah has served on various ABA committees such as  the Booksellers Advisory Council, Education and Abacus task forces, and as chair of the Spring 2017 Indies Introduce adult book selection committee.

Chris Finan is executive director of the National Coalition Against Censorship, an alliance of 56 national non-profits, including the American Booksellers Association.  He has defended the First Amendment rights of booksellers for many years and most recently led American Booksellers for Free Expression.  He is the author of From the Palmer Raids to the Patriot Act: A History of the Fight for Free Speech in America.  His new book is Drunks: An American History, which will be released in paperback on June 5. 

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Make the Most of May: Join Us for Three Educational Opportunities to Be a Better Bookseller!

Posted By Linda-Marie Barrett, Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Make the Most of May: Join Us for Three Educational Opportunities to Be a Better Bookseller!

Wednesday, May 16 at 2PM:  B3! Bookclub discusses Your Leadership Edge: Lead Anytime, Anywhere by Ed O’Malley and Amanda Cebula. Sarah Bagby, owner of Watermark Books in Wichita, KS, praises this book as one that “teaches—or refreshes—skills for anyone to be a leader…[and] presents a step-by-step process designed to break down barriers in order to create change...This small book is a big gem.” Some things to consider in advance of our book club discussion: What are your leadership challenges? Are they technical or adaptive (the book will explain what this means)? Are you in a position of authority at your store? Are you fully-whelmed at work, or do you find yourself under/overwhelmed? Please email Linda-Marie if you need a copy of the book or have any questions about the book club.

Wednesday, May 23 at 2PM: Bridging the Divide and The Open Discussion Project with Sarah Goddin and Chris Finan. Join Sarah Goddin of Quail Ridge Books as she discusses her store’s success with their “Bridging the Divide” book club. The club's goal is to foster dialog and better understanding between people with different political viewpoints and to provide a safe space for civil discourse on controversial or divisive topics. Chris Finan of The National Coalition Against Censorship will discuss The Open Discussion Project, which seeks to create a new kind of reading group that will bring people of opposing views into dialogue about the issues that divide us. Please email Linda-Marie to sign up or if you have any questions.

Thursday, May 24 at 2PM: How to Pitch Your Store to Publishers with Maribeth Pelly. This is our second webinar with Maribeth Pelly, event planner at Booktowne and independent marketing consultant. Booksellers will find out how to have productive conversations with publishers, what publishers want to know (and what they don’t), and how to build a successful author event program, no matter what your store size. We’ll also observe a SIBA bookseller pitch to a publicist at Penguin Random House, and discover some great tips for online and in-person pitching. Attendees of this webinar are invited to a meet & greet pep talk with Maribeth at Book Expo before Publicist Speed Dating begins. Please email Linda-Marie to sign up or if you have any questions.

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What We Learned at the Press Kit Webinar!

Posted By Linda-Marie Barrett, Wednesday, April 25, 2018
Updated: Tuesday, April 24, 2018

SIBA booksellers who attended Maribeth Pelly’s webinar “How to Prepare a Press Kit for your Store” are now working on creating or retooling their store press kits in advance of trips to Book Expo. Pelly, the event planner for Booktowne (NJ) and a professional marketing consultant,  live-critiqued eight press kits from small and large stores with different approaches to their events programming. Pelly noted SIBA-member stores tend to focus on their story and place in their community, which is very positive. However, she emphasized the importance of including an up-to-date grid, something lacking in most press kits critiqued, showing numbers for attendees, venue seating, and books sold at successful author events. Pelly’s Easy Press Kit Checklist and Press Kit Template are now available in SIBA’s Peer Brain Trust under “Working with Publishers.” Pelly’s next webinar with SIBA is How to Pitch Your Store to Publicists on Thursday, May 24 at 2PM. Attendees will learn how to have productive conversations with publishers at Book Expo’s Speed Dating, and to stay on publishers’ radar all year long. Please sign up to join us!

A recording of Pelly’s Press Kit webinar will be available soon. Booksellers who attended shared the following:

“It helped me de-clutter and focus on what is essential...It was very helpful to take notes and listen to her responses and critiques; her criticisms of all of the different press kits were the best part as she allowed her honest reactions and thought processes to come through rather than just leaving us to rely on her tip sheet...We're putting direct input from the webinar onto the page!” --John Cavalier, Owner of Cavalier House Books

Having our newly minted press release critiqued by Maribeth was affirming. She thoroughly explained the rationale behind the advice she gave us for changes and helped me see how well we were and weren't communicating our strengths. Maribeth offers fresh eyes combined with real focus on the appropriate goals for each element of a press kit.” --Adah Fitzgerald, Owner of Main Street Books

“I enjoyed seeing what everyone else does and seeing the examples...I am planning on attending the next one and think it will be a great build on the previous material. I did make a quick reference numbers sheet which was something we were lacking. I have since shared with publicists and reps so hopefully will see some traction from that!”

--Jamie Rogers Southern, Operations Director of Bookmarks

“Avid definitely benefited from having our press kit reviewed by Maribeth. It was great to hear what we were doing right, and things we could improve upon. It was definitely worth my time to attend the webinar.” --Rachel Watkins, Communications Director of Avid Bookshop 


"The press kit webinar was so helpful. We learned so much and hope to implement what we learned very soon. The most helpful part was just being able to wrap our minds around what a press kit actually is, and what that consists of. The examples were phenomenal. Walking through what publishers look for and other things that give you a leg up when talking with publishers was an eye opener in the best way. We're still babies at this, so we really appreciate the time and effort y'all put in to this presentation." --Lauren Brown, Assistant Manager of The Story Shop


"I got a whole lot out of it.  I will be designing the [press kit] solely off what I have learned and it helped us out a whole lot.  I am so glad I got to be a part of it."--Jamille Christman, Marketing Director of of Eagle Eye Book Shop


"As quickly as we move past IBD, I will be using the template, and the copious notes I took during the presentation to design my very first store press kit. I found the evaluations of other bookstore press kits super helpful, as I am a visual learner. I will fashion mine according to the best examples Maribeth pointed out, and look forward to shopping it at BOOK EXPO."--Star Lowe, Owner of Star Line Books



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B3! Webinar Coming Up April 25 - Get Your Edelweiss On!

Posted By Wanda Jewell, Monday, April 9, 2018
April 25 at 2PM: Getting your Staff on Edelweiss  with Jill Hendrix. Join Jill Hendrix of Fiction Addiction to learn how to use Edelweiss for reviews, requesting ARCs, author event proposals, etc., plus instruction on creating tags and filters to share with staff. Edelweiss is a wealth of information on the books your customers want.  And it is a wonderful way to get your store on the radar of many publishers.  Plus SIBA has her own share button where booksellers can let us know which books they love.  Earn B3! credit by attending the webinar and using Edelweiss to let us know about your fave titles.  RSVP with

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Webinars, Forums, and Golf Courses: News you can use from the Land of SIBA

Posted By Nicki Leone, Thursday, March 15, 2018

Click here to view online | Like us on Facebook!

siba header


3/21: Non-Traditional Bookstores: Hybrids, Pop-ups, Non-Profits Webinar (details) (rsvp)
3/23: ABA/SIBA Bookseller Forum at Flyleaf Books in Chapel Hill (rsvp)

Important and useful links:

#SIBA18 Discovery Show
Coming up on Lady Banks' Pick of the Week
The current Southern Indie Bestsellers (PDF): HC | PB | Kids
Bookseller Benefits Package
|| The Booksellers' WaterCooler || Read This!


Innisbrook ResortWhen Wanda Jewell told me that our annual site visit to the Innisbrook Resort in preparation for upcoming Discovery Show in September would be in March, she did warn me. "It will be during Valspar" she cautioned. I must have looked blank, because she added "the golf tournament." I shrugged and nodded. It was Florida. There would be golf, I thought.

It wasn't until we hit the traffic on US 19 and found ourselves behind a row of coach buses that I realized, oh it's a GOLF TOURNAMENT. I'm not a huge golf fan, but I still immediately called my dad. "Guess where I am!" I gloated. (Read more! || Register for #SIBA18)

So what do we have to look forward to in September?

Copperhead Course

Well, the place is beautiful.

exhibit hall foyer

The exhibit hall is fantastic.


The rooms are really, really comfortable.


Are you creating events on Facebook?  SIBA would like to co-host those events with you.  When creating the event just choose Authors 'Round the South as your co-host.  It's easy and likely to increase not only awareness but attendance at events.  This makes it easy for SIBA to share the upcoming event with her 15,000+ Facebook friends and followers.  Be sure to tag the author and publisher in your events post.  We are at your service.





"Diversity is being invited to the party. Inclusion is being asked to dance."

EUREKAsiba: Broche Fabian 


Tony Peltier, Quail Ridge Books, Raleigh, NC

website || facebook || twitter

How long you've been a bookseller: I've been a bookseller for 16 years. 10 years at Borders and 6 at Quail Ridge.

Best part about being a bookseller: . . .is the books! I get to buy and sell books for a living! And, of course, connecting with people through books.


Sadness is a White Bird Frankenstein in BaghdadThe Mars RoomThe Sea Beast Takes a Lover

Tony's Staff FavoritesBooks I'm reading:
I just finished Sadness is a White Bird by Moriel Rothman-Zecher. Almost finished The Sea Beast Takes a Lover by Michael Andreasen. In the middle of Frankenstein in Baghdad by Ahmed Saadawi. And just started The Mars Room by Rachel Kushner.

They are all wonderful and completely different from each other.







Spill Simmer Falter WitherFavorite handsell of 2017:
Spill Simmer Falter Wither by Sara Baume
So beautiful and beautifully written, devastatingly sad, but in a way that reminds you that you're alive.

Social Media Handles: I'm not on social media. I did Twitter for about 6 months, but made myself delete it.

Best thing we did this year at the store:
I'd have to say, the amazing people we hired this year. We have a wonderful staff, but this year in particular we added some incredible people with great experience in and out of bookselling

Top priority for 2018: Get the word out. Get all these amazing books in people's hands and brains.

And get people to realize that if they don't buy from us, we won't be around forever. Don't take your independent bookstore for granted.

Favorite SIBA programming benefit:
SIBA gave scholarships to two of our staff to go to New Orleans, which they raved about. I'd love to learn more about what SIBA does.


chalkboardUse Your Sidewalk Sign to bring Staff Favorites to the Street!
via Shelf-Awareness

Mystery to Me bookstore, Madison, Wis., added a new twist to its staff recommendations by featuring selections on its sidewalk chalkboard: "New board outside! Ever wonder what your booksellers' favorite books are? Every week we will tell you! This is our first one with Jayne, Joanne and Morgan's favorite books currently! Ask us about them on your next visit!"



Submitted this week on Edelweiss+ using the "send to SIBA" option. Thanks to Avid Bookshop, Octavia Books, Square Books, Turnrow Books, Bookmarks, The Country Book Shop, McIntyre's Books, Malaprop's Bookstore/Cafe, Quail Ridge Books, Fiction Addiction, Union Avenue Bookshop, and Fountain Bookstore.

9780525508748 The Distance Home 8/1/2018
"Saunders shows us a world where hate and love are made of the same stuff."

9780763696078 Square 5/8/2018
"OMG! Can this pair get any cuter?!"

9781476756554 The Mars Room 5/1/2018
"There is so much messy complexity here. Growing plant life in the cracks of a concrete slab. How do you describe such beauty?"

9780399180989 Spinning Silver 7/10/2018
"This book is filled with clever women making clever plans and saving the day."

9781617756276 Beautiful Music 5/1/2018
"Like beautiful music, this book is permeated with the power to make you sad, lift you up, and carry you home."

If your store does not have an Edelweiss+ account and need help setting one up, contact Linda-Marie.

In the last issue: Read This Next!

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**if your member type says "staff" then your expiration date is whenever your bookstore's membership expires. Stores can add staff to their accounts under the "Subaccounts" link under the "Information & Settings" tab.

Renew here | Booksellers Benefits Package

Thank you for your interest in SIBA,

Nicki Leone

Southern Independent Booksellers Alliance
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Fax: 309.410.0211

#siba18: Fall Discovery Show
Sept 13-15 THU-SAT | Tampa, FL

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